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EDM Metallics

Order Now!  - Online or by Phone or Fax MWI offers a full compliment of metallic electrode materials and sizes. We carry a full range of brass, copper, tungsten, tungsten carbide, copper tungsten and TELCO (tellurium copper) available for immediate shipment.


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Relative Machinability Rating 100% 20% 90%
Electrical Conductivity 26% 100% 90%
Density (lbs. per cu. inch) .307 .323 .323
Approx Wear Ratio into Steel 1:01 2:01 2:01


Recommended Usage: Telco is a machinable copper for EDM. As an electrode material, Telco performs the same as regular copper. However, Telco offers the distinct advantage that is 90% machinable as compared to regular copper (refer to chart on the right). Telco Electrodes can be machined much faster and easier as compared to regular copper.

  • Precision Copper Tubing
  • Precision Brass Tubing
  • Precision Copper Rods
  • Precision Brass Rods
  • Multi-Channel Tubing
  • Copper Centerless Drills
  • Silver Tungsten ST-20

Copper Tungsten "CT-3"

Recommended Usage: Copper Tungsten CT -3 is a sintered and infiltrated electrode material which combines the strength, high density, and high melting point of Tungsten with the excellent electrical properties and good resistance against DC arcing of copper to form an unbeatable combination.

Typical Average Properties

1) Density14.0 gms/cc
2) Rockwell Hardness90 B
3) Electrical Conductivity48% I.A.C.S.
4) Copper Content25-30%
5) Tungsten Content70-75%
*Special Note: CT-3 thin sheets from .001 thick through .055 have a 40% Copper/60% Tungsten content

TC-9 Tungsten Carbide Tubing

TC-9 Tungsten Carbide electrodes are recommended as an alternative to brass, copper, or copper tungsten for EDMing holes. The extreme high density, strength, good conductivity, and high melting point of TC-9 make it an excellent choice for EDMing production holes where electrode wear is a factor.

Pure Tungsten Wire TU-4

Tungsten wire TU-4 is recommended for EDMing small diameter holes less than .100 deep. Due to its strength, high density, and high melting point, TU-4 electrodes are more resistant to electrode wear than any other electrode material.

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